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SPIRE ONE events are unique and private experiences curated for our members and guests. Member meetings are typically held monthly. Our members gain access to additional opportunities to learn, network, advise, socialize, and contribute to philanthropic endeavors.


We operate confidentially under Chatham House Rules.

We enforce social media and press limitations.

Our event information is private and available on a limited basis by request.


SPIRE ONE provides top-notch content. I have also formed longstanding relationships to assist me in making more informed hiring decisions and accessing resources that were previously either unknown or difficult to acquire independently.

I prefer attending SPIRE ONE over conferences for high-quality peer networking and insights. The difference with SPIRE ONE  is that I’m developing deeper relationships, and the insights gained are more trusted.

The annual summit is the most highly regarded business trip that I attend. SPIRE ONE has been pivotal in  my growth as a more skilled and compassionate leader.

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